Past Performance

SQA covers almost all Cash Stocks and Futures. For the space crunch we are publishing past performance of a few high volume Nifty Stocks including NIFTY and BankNifty for reference.

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Nifty:  Nifty_Trend_Backtest past 360 days from 20.01.2015 
BankNifty: BankNifty_Trend_Backtest past 360 days from 20.01.2015

Nifty:  Nifty_Trend_Backtest past 540 days from 29.03.2016 
BankNifty: BankNifty_Trend_Backtest past 540 days from 29.03.2016

SBIN: SBIN_Trend_Backtest
LT: LT_Trend_Backtest

If you need you can request for past performance of any stock/future. The same will be made available to you as soon as we can squeeze out some time.